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Doktor Kamisama

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mad Science

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Doktor Kamisama is in a state of flux from constantly being reformatted after the first Crisis of Reality Rewrites. Originally just a madman in charge of a lonesome BBQ/Fried Chicken shack and Spookshow/Adult Theater. He blew his mind after reading an entire run of Doom Patrol in one sitting and went about on a mission to rid himself of silly spandex clad adolescent power fantasy AKA "Superheroes". The year 2008 on his "Livejournal Blargh" became a chronicle of his decent into the abyss. After being constantly assailed and attacked by the forces of underwear perverts, the mystic space daddy powers of Tom Cruise, as well as an elite special missions force sent by agents of a shadow government, Doktor Kamisama offically ended this mission, only to be retconned once again with an all new, all different, first issue and a dedication to his new passions: Mad Science and SUPERVILLAINY!


Far out in the reaches of ethereal time and space, beyond the little wet dark spot in the crotch of all dimensions, many macronic lightyears away from the multiversal linen closet..
There is a padded cell in the Basement of Western State Lunatic Asylum and Gift Shoppe.
Some say the man in the room is a genius. Others claim he is mearly a delusional lunatic. Still more want him to die for his participation in crimes against the community, including the infamous "Casa Dell Subdivision Implosion". One guy named Frank says he is really a purple bunny rabbit named Harrison.
They are all wrong. Because the man in that cell is just a ruse.
The real Doktor Kamisama is free and hard at work. He is starting his rebellion against western society here. You are all his patients.

Doktor Kamisama. Former Spork Knight, Pocky Warrior, Third Reserve Backup Member Beta-Class in the Legion of Smashing, All-Mart Associate (retired), Generic Factory Goon, retired companion to Abraham Lincoln: Time Lord, Ex Nerd Wrangler at the former Sub-Atomic Comics, Mad Monk for the Ministry of Imaginasia, and High Strategic Juris Doktor of Psychosexudiology and Fine Industrial Therapy.

Yes that was long and rather silly. Are you still with us?

I swear this is almost the end.

So now, with all these funky powers and stuff, DOKTOR KAMISAMA wants to rewrite reality on his own terms, get drunk off his ass, whore around, watch cartoons in the afternoon, and run from any local, state, federal, or secret authorities who want to question him. Sometimes he accidentally does the right thing. This is why the Tea Party Nation hates him so.


(All green monsters with purple pants are not welcome here, as well as furries, emo kids, those clown rappers, anyone else I don't like, and French midgets!)

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