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Archie versus Predator!?

Posted on 2015.01.14 at 22:38
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I feel a bit dirty updating Livejournal from a phone. But it has been too long and this is the easiest way anymore.
Oh wow I keep seeing ads for Archie vs Predator. Like those big stealth mode alien guy Predators, not the Hockey team. In the 90s this would have been a straight up joke, like Punisher vs Archie, but now Archie has a serious horror themed line with zombies and Sabrina the teenage witch doung dark magic that would make Harry Potter shocked to see. That means this will probably be a darkly snarky, but really scary book despite the name and silly concept.
This gives me an idea. I think they should use my ending for Archie vs Predator that I wrote as a fan fiction way back in the day ( or really just came up with right now).

Earlier a Predator was hunting Jughead for the crown on his head, which is really an ancient lost relic. While Jughead lost the crown, he had managed to slip into the old Rivervale cave system in the Spooky Woods. (Shout out to Little Archie with that reference) He tries to get back to Catfish Cove and warn Archie and all his pals camping there by taking the old secret pass through the caves. Only to stumble and trip over a strange, round, and sticky stalagmite on the cave floor only to get temporarily knocked out when seems to be a big ass spider leaps at his head. By the time Jug reaches the camp, only Archie remains alive and doing battle with the Predator. Archie has one of the alien hunting spears they use and is ready to make his coach so proud with the best javelin throw of his life, right into the heart of the beast! Only he will never make that throw as the Predator's laser cannon is just about to fire and blow away Archie's torso, leaving a clean trophy of his ginger locked head behind for the Predator... Until....Jughead leaps into the way, only taking a brush of the death beam's wrath to his side, but enough to save Archie and allow him to finish the creature off with his mighty throw of the alien spear. The Predator is dead. Archie lives. Jughead is bleeding from his ripped open abdomen.
Archie goes to his old pal"Jug, Jug, hold on.. Please...!"" Jughead coughs up blood on Archies burned, tattered, and muddy sweater, " Look Arch, it's too late *cough* for me. I just always wanted to tell *cough* *cough* you how I felt... now...
Archie leans in close to Jughead's face, almost touching and whispers "I always wanted to tell you too pal."
Then Jughead sighs his last labored breath. Archie puts his head to Jughead's chest to hear his heart. Nothing. Then a small thump.
Then another louder thump. Archie raises up in the realization that it is not a heartbeat. But the sound of something inside Jughead, trying to force it's way out!

He drops Jughead's lifeless body as a bloody lump rises up out of Jughead Jone's chest a few times until a horrible sort of fanged maggot of sorts rips it's way out. Archie can say nothing but the horrified look upon his face speaks volumes.
Under this final image in the book would be a big bold banner proclaiming "TO BE CONTINUED in.... ALIENS/ARCHIE!!!

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