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Crappy Meals don't like Girl Super Heroes.

Posted on 2007.08.04 at 17:41
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At first I thought McDonald's was doing something really cool. Legion of Superheroes Happy Meal toys!

With the exception of a few DC Direct figures, The Legion of Superheroes have not had many toys. And the DC Direct ones are kinda crappy toys that really are not cool for kids. Legion fans have been granted a great opportunity with this new Legion cartoon, the first mass media exposure of the Legion to new fans in its 40+ year history. Children have been granted a greater opportunity to finally discover one of the greatest super teams of all time.

So hearing that the first toys were coming out seemed quite exciting, at first... then I saw the lineup.

The three main female characters from the show are replaced with "villain" figures. Under normal circumstances, the addition of a few villains would be cool. Villains are very underrepresented in the Action Figure market. But dammit, why did three villains make the cut before Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, or Triplicate Girl? Core members of the Legion. Saturn Girl is even a founding member ferchissakes!

I am sure some persons at McDonald's have poured tons of research into all this. They have no doubt had perception problems in the past with female figure toys. For quite a few years now they split the toys into "Boy" and "Girl" types.

DC or Warner Brothers should have worked with McDonald's to split the Legion toys across genders. Besides the three main female characters on the show, they have also shown Dream Girl, Shrinking Violet, Infectious Lass, and Lightning Lass in the cartoon. With an extra female villain character, they could've more than rounded out an even 8 for "Girl" toys as well.

The whole "girl toy" and "boy toy" thing is made even more insane by the fact that the girl alternative Happy Meal toys, are not female superhero toys, but instead are "Build a Bear" mini plushes. I wonder why a company like Build A Bear, that seems works so hard to market it's brand as gender neutral, would allow gender restrictive toy promotions.

The message seems to be "Girls can't like Superheroes, Girls shouldn't like Superheroes, Girls need Plush Bears, Boys can't like Plush Bears"

What a way to mess up something that could have been so damn cool.

( Just to do a "reality check", I asked my son if there were any other Legion toys not on the Happy Meal list that he would like. His list was pretty much equal on both sides of the gender line: Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, Triplicate Girl (who his greedy self wanted all three triplicates and the singular version), Emerald Empress, the Emerald Eye, Ferro Lad, and Drax (the cartoon Phantom Zone villain),


(Anonymous) at 2007-08-05 04:08 (UTC) (Link)

Agreed, this sucks!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who found this really annoying and insulting. And they are most definitely saying the superheroes are the "boy" toys - my receipt said "truck toy", and since Matchbox Cars are the original "boy" choice for Happy Meal toys when there were two choices, that is pretty clearly their code for "boy's toy". I would bet money that if I'd gotten one of the bears it would have said "doll toy". I didn't notice this until I looked at the receipt today, after I'd written my blog post about the whole thing, but it does certainly reinforce it, doesn't it?

By the way, your son gets bonus points for wanting all the characters, regardless of sex, even if that is pretty typical. Most kids want all the characters on a show they like, not just the ones the companies think they want. It's still cool he listed them all!

By the way, thanks for reading my blog and commenting (http://www.pixiepalace.com)! I appreciated it! Sorry I couldn't sign this comment, but I don't have a LiveJournal account or an OpenID tag.

- Katie from Pixiepalace
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