The importance of being Ms. Marvel.

So I am trying this mobile and it sucks. I really had a strangle a parent moment today. This lady keeps trying to talk her daughter out of getting this massive awesome 3pack of Marvel Legends with Captain Marvel (when she was still Ms. Marvel) Captain America looking like a bit Ultimate and First Avenger movie style and maybe the first Radioactive Man I've ever seen in Legends scale. If the link works you can see a picture of it. The little gal is maybe 6ish? Now price is not really an issue, this thing was marked down from 50 bucks to an amazing 15 bucks, which is less than retail for just one figure, much less 3. But mom keeps telling the girl "you don't play with these characters, you don't even know who they are" uggg that kills me...
Your little girl probably knows full well who Captain America is. The green guy, yeah she might have thought he was the Hulk, and more than likely she has no clue who Ms. Marvel is at all. But that was why she wanted it! She saw a kick butt gal who looks like a superhero version of Malibu Barbie, just with some mucsles instead of stick arms and legs and realized that means she can be a strong girl who can be on par with Captain America and that huge green Hulk looking guy.
I should have not minded my own business and damn me for not saying something. I hope that little gal does find more ass kicking inspirations and doesn't just become a pink princess drone in the colony. We need more Captain Marvel's out there.


Ultimate Spider-movie

These rumors about Spider-Man movies gave me a prophetic sort of dream. The next film has a subplot of an imposter Spider-Man. Shades of stories involving Chameleon and Mysterio, who end up being the villains. A "clone" of Gwen or another trick by Chameleon who gets captured before the climax and reveals Mysterio. The toying with Peter's life almost breaks him and he begins to savagely beat the defeated and now passed out Mysterio. Until an arm grabs him, Gwen... Wasn't she Chameleon in disquise? "We don't do this Peter."
Then another Spidey comes out of the shadows and pulls his mask off revealing Tobey Maquire's face under it, "We don't do this." Then another Spidey in the Miles Morales suit comes out removing his mask to show Donald Glover as Gwen puts on a white mask and hood. "Peter Parker you are my hero and we am here to save you."
Holy shit. I just had a dream about the best Spidey sequel setup ever!


Archie versus Predator!?

I feel a bit dirty updating Livejournal from a phone. But it has been too long and this is the easiest way anymore.
Oh wow I keep seeing ads for Archie vs Predator. Like those big stealth mode alien guy Predators, not the Hockey team. In the 90s this would have been a straight up joke, like Punisher vs Archie, but now Archie has a serious horror themed line with zombies and Sabrina the teenage witch doung dark magic that would make Harry Potter shocked to see. That means this will probably be a darkly snarky, but really scary book despite the name and silly concept.
This gives me an idea. I think they should use my ending for Archie vs Predator that I wrote as a fan fiction way back in the day ( or really just came up with right now).

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Christmas songs

Is it wrong that when I hear "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus"  by the Jackson 5, I wonder what sort of beating Papa Joe threw on MJ and his mom when he told him?

Sid and I

Stupid things people say in comic shops part two!

The customer pulls a book off the shelves of collections and graphic novels.
Customer: "So what will you take for this?"
Employee: "Cash is good, but we take credit cards too."
Customer: "No this one came from over there." points to the shelf, "It says you have to trade for those'"
Employee: "Where?"
Customer: "On that sign. It says you will only trade these for paperbacks."
Employee: "That's not what Trade Paperback means. It is what they call this style of book. It just means these are collections of regular comics in one volume."
Confused customer: "Yeah I know these are all (insert title) comics in here, but what sort of paperbacks are you looking for to trade for it?"

Stupid things people say in comic shops #1!

Stupid things people say in comic shops is something I kept wanting to do but never got around to. Guess I could start back now, right? Most of these are things said by the "normal" people who don't always come into comic shops, though not always exclusively. Regular comic store customers say plenty of stupid stuff too. This first STPSICS were actually said by people who seemed unable to read a price tag. Even a few who were "regulars" but maybe didn't buy many back issues.
Customer: "Is this what the books is actually worth?" (holding a 90's comic with $1.50 price tag)
Comic shop employee: "umm yeah?"
Customer: A HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS! I got 2 of these at home. How much will you give me for them?
Comic shop employee: No, that is a dollar and fifty cents. Not a hundred and fifty bucks.
Sometimes the conversation ends there with general embarrassment. One time I recall a guy telling me he thought it was a comma, which made him look event dumber because then it should be $1,500, right?
The funniest people are the ones who now think the comic shop is trying to rip them off.
Customer: You got to pay more than that!
Comic shop employee: Actually we have plenty of those so we aren't buying them, but you can buy that one for a dollar fifty.
Now oblivious customer: Nah I don't want to sell you mine anyways, you guys are cheap.