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The importance of being Ms. Marvel.

Posted on 2015.01.25 at 23:55
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So I am trying this mobile and it sucks. I really had a strangle a parent moment today. This lady keeps trying to talk her daughter out of getting this massive awesome 3pack of Marvel Legends with Captain Marvel (when she was still Ms. Marvel) Captain America looking like a bit Ultimate and First Avenger movie style and maybe the first Radioactive Man I've ever seen in Legends scale. If the link works you can see a picture of it. The little gal is maybe 6ish? Now price is not really an issue, this thing was marked down from 50 bucks to an amazing 15 bucks, which is less than retail for just one figure, much less 3. But mom keeps telling the girl "you don't play with these characters, you don't even know who they are" uggg that kills me...
Your little girl probably knows full well who Captain America is. The green guy, yeah she might have thought he was the Hulk, and more than likely she has no clue who Ms. Marvel is at all. But that was why she wanted it! She saw a kick butt gal who looks like a superhero version of Malibu Barbie, just with some mucsles instead of stick arms and legs and realized that means she can be a strong girl who can be on par with Captain America and that huge green Hulk looking guy.
I should have not minded my own business and damn me for not saying something. I hope that little gal does find more ass kicking inspirations and doesn't just become a pink princess drone in the colony. We need more Captain Marvel's out there.


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fry1138 at 2015-01-26 08:58 (UTC) (Link)
I get the feeling little girls will get into what they want to inspite of their parents, from the amount of girls I see on Twitter and Instagram that are into nerd stuff I think the future of nerd culture is pretty set in place it's certainly not on the periphery like it was when we were kids.

As a kid I got some superhero figures who I didnt really know that well, I got a captain America and he had relatively no exposure on British tv, although to be fair all I really cared about as a. Kid was Star Wars. Although I remember having superman and Spider-Man bed covers, yeah I am rambling and this makes little sense.
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