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Ultimate Spider-movie

Posted on 2015.01.15 at 20:18

These rumors about Spider-Man movies gave me a prophetic sort of dream. The next film has a subplot of an imposter Spider-Man. Shades of stories involving Chameleon and Mysterio, who end up being the villains. A "clone" of Gwen or another trick by Chameleon who gets captured before the climax and reveals Mysterio. The toying with Peter's life almost breaks him and he begins to savagely beat the defeated and now passed out Mysterio. Until an arm grabs him, Gwen... Wasn't she Chameleon in disquise? "We don't do this Peter."
Then another Spidey comes out of the shadows and pulls his mask off revealing Tobey Maquire's face under it, "We don't do this." Then another Spidey in the Miles Morales suit comes out removing his mask to show Donald Glover as Gwen puts on a white mask and hood. "Peter Parker you are my hero and we am here to save you."
Holy shit. I just had a dream about the best Spidey sequel setup ever!

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