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Stupid things people say in comic shops #1!

Posted on 2014.03.28 at 19:35
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Stupid things people say in comic shops is something I kept wanting to do but never got around to. Guess I could start back now, right? Most of these are things said by the "normal" people who don't always come into comic shops, though not always exclusively. Regular comic store customers say plenty of stupid stuff too. This first STPSICS were actually said by people who seemed unable to read a price tag. Even a few who were "regulars" but maybe didn't buy many back issues.
Customer: "Is this what the books is actually worth?" (holding a 90's comic with $1.50 price tag)
Comic shop employee: "umm yeah?"
Customer: A HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS! I got 2 of these at home. How much will you give me for them?
Comic shop employee: No, that is a dollar and fifty cents. Not a hundred and fifty bucks.
Sometimes the conversation ends there with general embarrassment. One time I recall a guy telling me he thought it was a comma, which made him look event dumber because then it should be $1,500, right?
The funniest people are the ones who now think the comic shop is trying to rip them off.
Customer: You got to pay more than that!
Comic shop employee: Actually we have plenty of those so we aren't buying them, but you can buy that one for a dollar fifty.
Now oblivious customer: Nah I don't want to sell you mine anyways, you guys are cheap.

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